impending sense of destruction

terrible nightmares about humungous rats attacking my cat, and stepping on skulls, and eating fried albino tomatoes in vinegar.


things to consider while riding public transportation on a late fall evening

don’t drink and fly if you are a pigeon and there are winds in excess of forty miles per hour because you will crash into your pigeon friends and they will tell you that you have a drinking problem and think you are a massive asshole.

let’s get drunk and yell at each other.

let’s get drunk and say things we don’t mean to each other.

let’s get drunk and yell i love you at each other.

i would not recommend telling your mother that you don’t want to wear your coat; it’s cold outside and you will regret it later when you’re playing kickball with all your little buddies.

i would like to go on a date to hobby lobby with you. you had better pick out something good.


new robot melon, couple old poems.

don't read them, read other people's things.

i feel like shit today.