At 2 a.m., The Neighborhood Looks Bad

You evoke the pleasantries of parks and ponds and water fountains in July; foggy memories of a perfect, half-invented childhood, that’s what you are.

And I'm unfolding like bad origami.


This is all a ridiculous fantasy. Always embracing a memory. Your neck blooming outward into two perfect shoulders, your fingers on a pencil, your feet pressing down on the ground between us, the smell of the recollection of a smell.

I'll migrate with the geese this time next year, remembering to wish harder for better luck.


The Devil's Dictionary

CAT, n. A soft, indestructible automaton provided by nature to be
kicked when things go wrong in the domestic circle.

This is a dog,
This is a cat.
This is a frog,
This is a rat.
Run, dog, mew, cat.
Jump, frog, gnaw, rat.

--Ambrose Bierce


ambiguous enough for you

I don't even remember half the things we said. Nights had to be never-ending. Summer dead and damp, took one look at this place and didn't even bother unpacking her bags.

: : :

The end of it all in three days, the end for the last time; why does this feel like the bottom of my childhood? I tried to tell you I wasn't an adult yet, like a butterfly with two-thirds wings. You said, it doesn't work like that.

: : :

Dipping down below the Mason-Dixon, scenery the same for five hundred miles, the birds behind all our eyes brown and grey. I miss so much, I miss everything, I miss the sand soggy at high tide and the sweaty ocean, I even miss the mosquitoes if it means more.

: : :

It's easy to forget the beauty and the bright lights when familiarity shades the heart, alley lamps shine into a bedroom window but even with the lights off I can see your eyes are open

: : :

Sea-Bird Island. I like that.


to drink everything in is also to feel very full

i am replaying things in my mind;

i like pressing ‘rewind’ for moments i want to relive again and again,

‘pause’ for the ones i wish would never end,

and ‘slow motion’ for the kissing scenes.


once i drew a perfect circle and showed it to someone and they said that's an oval

i am hormonal and i will tear your hair out


i'm nice


you have such cute morning legs


we are puddles

we are the tender weather


you are still the same-- no one ever really changes; that's what i told you, no one ever really changes. you looked at me and said, 'your smile is still the same'


i heard your cat drinking out of my water glass and i had to keep myself from laughing. i heard his little mouth moving the ice cubes. you were asleep and i had to laugh silently.


i want to make a shirt that says, 'reading is righteous!'


sometimes i think you are the reincarnation of an ugly bunny rabbit.


i'm still afraid of the dark